From £5795 Terrafirma Grand Duo Centre

  • Terrafirma Standard Duo - Royal Academy of Arts UK
  • Terrafirma Grand Duo - Electrolux UK
  • Terrafirma Standard Duo - Royal Academy of Arts UK~1
  • Terrafirma Standard Duo - Royal Academy of Arts UK~2
  • Terrafirma Standard Duo - Royal Academy of Arts UK~3
  • Terrafirma Duo Louver with heat & light
  • Terrafirma Duo & Custom Planters Athenaeum Piccadilly London - ShadeArt UK
  • Terrafirma Grand Duo - Electrolux UK~1
  • Terrafirma Duo Athenaeum ShadeArt
  • Terrafirma Duo Louver Bedford UK SHADEmakers UK
  • Terrafirma Duo Devonshire Club London - ShadeArt UK
  • Terrafirma Duo Piccadilly UK - ShadeArt UK
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  • Terrafirma Duo Louver Heat & Light Private Home UK - ShadeArt UK
  • Terrafirma Duo Lateral - SHADEmakers UK
  • Terrafirma Duo Plain Canopy - Brixton UK - ShadeArt UK
  • Terrafirma Duo Louver Hotel UK - SHADEmakers UK
  • Terrafirma Duo Boutique Hotel UK - SHADEmakers UK
  • Terrafirma Duo Lateral Plain London - SHADEmakers UK
Stainless Timber Post
Opens with a cable winder / Hand Crank
Inground fitting compatible
Portable base compatible
Heat & light compatible
Wind rating of 3

Terrafirma Grand Duo Centre by ShadeArt


An especially elegant, strong, durable and larger side post parasol with two canopies from one mast of natural timbers and stainless, or all stainless.


Designed and manufactured in the United Kingdom by ShadeArt, the Terrafirma Grand Duo side post parasols or umbrellas, meet the highest quality and style standards and are suitable for both residential and commercial installations. The unique fusion of laminated timber and aluminium masts with stainless steel booms or all stainless mast and booms, makes for an especially elegant, strong, and durable piece of highly functional outdoor furniture. Terrafirma parasols and umbrellas can provide year-round shade and rain protection as well as adding colour and design flair to your outdoor setting.


Terrafirma Grand Duo uses either the Terrafirma Single mast (93mm by 93 mm) or the heavy duty Grand mast (141mm by 141mm), depending on your environment and canopy size. The Duo supports two canopies from one Central or Lateral (side) mast and therefore provides even greater areas of unfettered cover – up to 8 metres by 4 metres. This flexible design can also be configured as a Quad with four canopies - Terrafirma Grand Quad


Available in a wide selection of colours, sizes, shapes, and canopy styles, with optional heating, light, sound, and branding, the Terrafirma Grand Duo can be installed either permanently or to a pedestal base.

Easy for the customer to assemble and operate, requiring minimal maintenance and especially durable. With proper care and maintenance, this beautiful parasol will outlast any similar umbrella available on the world market today.


Links to other side post parasol options manufactured in the UK by ShadeArt:


Rectangular Lateral Double
Rectangular Central Double
Rectangular SV Lateral Double
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Terrafirma Duo - Features


  • Sizes – can be customised - our most popular are pairs of square canopies, providing large coverage from 5.0 x 2.5 metres up to 8.0x4.0 metres.
  • Flexible configuration – a single mast, either centred or at the side (lateral) of two canopies.
  • Large, unfettered cover - when two canopies are joined with a rain gutter or as a Quad - even more space from four canopies.
  • Shapes - Square, Rectangle and Octagonal
  • Canopy Styles – choice of plain (with or without a valance) or louver panelled and wind vented options plus linking gutters for multiple parasols.
  • Colours – 12 standard plus >70 optional – see fabric download for detail.
  • Ease of assembly – takes about 15 to 20 minutes to bolt the mast to a pre-installed ground anchor or pedestal base, then attach the booms & wigwams.
  • Easy to operate – bespoke stainless gearboxes with internal cabling makes for easy opening and closing of the canopies.
  • Safety – the gearbox has a removable handle and safety pin to prevent unwanted tampering.
  • Sun & Rain protection – high levels of protection from harmful UV rays and canopies are also highly water resistant.
  • Fabric quality – premium quality solution dyed European acrylic canvas is guaranteed to retain 80% or more original colour for a minimum of 5 years. 
  • Corrosion resistant - durable laminated timber and aluminium, or all stainless masts and booms with marine aluminium wigwams.
  • Easily stowed - in high winds or for winter storage, simply lower the wigwams, fold, and strap the canopies and undo bolts to detach.
  • Optional Branding – email your artwork and we will arrange your canopy or valance logo during manufacture.
  • Optional Heat, Light and Sound
  • Permanent or portable – ShadeArt parasols can be bolted to ground anchors or pedestal bases. We can also customise most solutions.
  • Spare parts and canopies – always available –SHADEmakers UK are still servicing parasols we sold 18 years ago.