Installation and Service

Installation – Service – Accessories – Canopies – Repairs – Spare parts

SHADEmakers offer a broad range of installation solutions and services for our valued clients.


Installation Options:

Turn-key, or full service where we collaborate closely with our clients to assist with initial design, product selection, manufacture, and installation. This can include standard or custom parasols and shade solutions, with a range of accessories like: connecting gutters, side sheets, branding, heating, lighting, sound, Wi-Fi and more. If it can be built, SHADEmakers have the skills and resources to make it happen.

Client installs ground anchors and electrics – then SHADEmakers delivers, assembles, and commissions parasol/s, and provides client handover including training.

Self-managed, SHADEmakers provides installation drawings and advice, product manuals and parasol delivery only. Or where preferred, client collection from our Hertfordshire workshops.


Installation fitting and bases:

ShadeArt UK manufactures a variety of fittings. These include:

Ground Anchors - for optimal installation, especially  for cantilever or side post parasols where you want maximum unfettered under canopy space.With a SHADEmakers ground anchor, your parasol can be removed as needed without risk of trip hazards. Ground anchors are welded  from high strength galvanised steel which provides maximum parasol stability, especially in high winds. Anchors are available in standard, large and custom sizes. Also available with a protective stainless cover. 

Hinged Bayonets  ideal for cafes, restaurants, and resorts, where permanent shade is forbidden. Our hinged bayonets are purposely designed to make it easy for the operator to put your parasol out in the morning and take it in at night. The hinged bayonet has a stainless flip lid which sits flush to the pavement when closed. Simply open the lid, insert the parasol, and rotate through 90 degrees to lock in and reverse this process at the end of day.

Portable Bases (Square and Round) – available in our popular 70Kg round pebble concrete finish with lifting handles for easy movement. These Ideal for smaller and portable centre post, garden, pool and pub parasols. Sizes Sq 2.0x2.0, 2.5x2.5, 3.0x3.0, to 2.5, 3.0 and 3.5 Oct and 3.0x2.25, 3.5x2.63 Rectangles  

Pedestal, Planter, and bespoke bases – standard square base from steel, then galvanised, ideal for larger cantilever and centre post models. These measure 1.0 x 1.0 metres square and ~150:200mm high. These are stabilised with dense 450x450x70 concrete ballast. Four ballast per layer, with 1, 2 or 3 layers depending on your chosen SHADEmakers parasol. Available with optional leveling feet, lockable castors, aluminium checker plate or painted covers and more.


New canopies:

ShadeArt canopies are tailored in the UK by skilled sailmakers. We carry large UK stocks of premium European acrylic canvas. These are available in over one hundred colours. In addition to tailoring our canopies, we are often asked if we can tailor replacement canopies for other brands. We have done this many times and will gladly make you a new canopy so long as we have a suitable pattern. If not, we will need your old canopy to pattern from.


Canopy Printing (branding and logos):

Printing is easily managed ahead of canopy tailoring. Over the last 18 years we have printed logos and brand messages for many of our commercial parasol clients. All canopies and valances are screen printed in preference to a heat transfer process. For pricing, we ask for high resolution artworks in a PDF vector file, CDR / Ai / EPS. Please email one of these along with your print colour/s. Once these and your parasol needs are in hand, we prepare the artwork for your approval. 


Heating and Lighting:

In 2004 SHADEmakers developed our first Smart Box. This small device attaches to the middle of your heated parasol, enabling up to four radiant heaters or two heaters and 2 Led lights from a single cable. In 2018 we launched Smart Hub which sits neatly under the ShadeArt parasol canopy in the middle. Smart hubs can manage up to four heaters and two led lights simultaneously from a single cable. ShadeArt cantilever parasols are purpose designed with the electrical cable running unseen through the mast or post as opposed to outside which is the case for most parasols. Standard heating is from radiant 1.5Kw heaters.


Parasol repairs and spare parts:

Our Hertfordshire workshop is equipped for the manufacture and repair of SHADEmakers and ShadeArt parasols. We proudly support clients and their parasols that we supplied as far back as 2004. We keep parts for obsolete and discontinued parasols. If these are no longer available, we can often make one.

The SHADEmakers team includes an experienced welder and fabricator, carpenter and joiner, electrician, engineer, CAD designer and logistic manager. A large external team of loyal suppliers also supports us.


Frequently Asked Questions: 

How do I install a Ground Anchor?

To install first excavate a hole suitable for the size and type of ground anchor for your parasol. Next, embed the anchor in 25Mpa concrete, ensuring the anchor is both level and flush to your desired finished ground level. After allowing the concrete to cure, bolt the above ground spigot or mast fitting to the anchor and proceed to assemble your SHADEmakers parasol.

Are power plugs supplied to SHADEmakers parasols for heating and lighting?

Each of our masts is equipped with IP rated power plugs at the mast bottom and top for easy connection.

How many heaters are recommended for SHADEmakers parasols?

For parasols that are 2x2, 2.5x2.5, 3x3 and 4x3 metres in size, we provide a pair of heaters. For parasols that are 4x4m and larger we provide two pairs of heaters. 

How are heaters fitted to the parasols?

Heaters are cabled with coded plugs for safety and fitted with custom brackets for ease of attachment and removal.